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Lung cancer surgery

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Stopping Smoking

Graphic anti- smoking advert released in UK

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Average recovery timetable
 once you quit smoking

Hypnotherapy  has  long been  widely  recognised  as an extremely effective way of helping those wishing to stop using tobacco. If you truly wish to give up smoking tobacco then you are on the right path to succeeding. It can be a daunting prospect thinking about quitting, but the good news is that can actually be very easy once you approach it with the right frame of mind. However, many smokers just need that extra help to make sure of ridding themselves of this dangerous and often fatal habit. We are regularly sold a myth by advertisers who portray ‘The Mighty Powerful Nicotine Monster’  as something that simply cannot be overcome without their products. In truth, the majority of advertisements don’t want you to stop using nicotine at all. All they want to do is sell you a product that still pumps that addictive insecticide (nicotine) into your body through different methods using patches, gum, inhalers, e-cigarettes etc. Advertisers don’t want you to know actually how easy it is to stop smoking. Stopping smoking is far easier than most people are led to believe, but of course, sometimes smokers do seek that extra bit of help. We all know that smoking (cigarettes, cigars, and pipes) is a potentially a deadly habit and yet many millions of people still carry on doing it even though they know for sure that they are harming their health and dramatically increasing the risk of diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, mouth cancer, and throat cancer amongst other conditions including heart disease and strokes, risking a slow, painful, and premature death upon themselves. Our logical adult brain is already programmed for survival when it comes to a huge number of potentially lethal situations, for example, when we come to cross a busy road. We would not walk out in front of a car because we know the impact would be instant. Our survival instinct kicks in immediately and we don’t doubt this instinct. With smoking however, because the damage happens gradually, we have learned to over-ride the rational part of our brain over time to switch off from the real dangers of smoking and the child-like irrational part of the mind keeps taking a gamble, telling us to carry on.  (Page 1/3)



Stop Smoking (1)

Stop Smoking (2)

The Non-Smoker's Edge

Smoking cessation

(Provided that  no irreparable damage has already occurred).

20 minutes after your last cigarette

 Your blood pressure, pulse rate and the temperature of your hands and feet return to normal.


Smoke Free in One Hour

Remain A Non-Smoker

Stop smoking Hypnosis (1)

Stop Smoking Hypnosis (2)

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