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As the saying goes, A Healthy Mind = A Healthy Body.  

Without exception, every single thought you and I have will trigger some kind of effect on the motions and the physical body. Nowadays, we have the benefit of all sorts of clever high tech instruments to see and measure many of these effects, to see what happens in the different areas of the body corresponding to particular brain activity. Accurate measurements can be gathered in various ways from different areas of the body to monitor what happens under stress, when we relax, when we sleep, dream, when are are aroused, angry, when we laugh etc etc. In other words, we now have clear evidence that what we think has a direct and undeniable link to our health and well-being, both in the short and longer terms. In order to help create and maintain a good health balance, one of the simplest key elements we can do is to learn how to relax, and to use the power of regular relaxation to teach both the body and the mind to recover, and to let go of stress. By allowing this state of relaxation to occur, it gives us the body the time and opportunity to release emotions, to re-charge, and in turn aids the body to function more efficiently. In today’s fast paced world where more and more people seemingly have little or no spare time, the importance of finding time to relax is easliy overlooked (the irony being that we surround ourselves with time and labour saving devices). Relaxation can have a big positive knock-on effect to all manner of our body functions, helping to get back into balance and harmony, such as lowering and restoring correct blood pressure, reducing and eliminating the symptoms of IBS, reducing risks of strokes and heart attacks, relieving headaches, migraines, clearing eczema and other stress related skin conditions, ulcers, and even helping to prevent the onset of serious diseases such as cancer. (Page 1/3)



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