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When intense fear and anxiety  is triggered by a specific situation, this is  known as a phobic fear response or phobia. On a scale of one to ten the intensity level of the fear will vary from person to person. There are many people who have successfully resolved minor phobias using hypnotherapy, from the more commonn ones such as fear of flying, illness, heights, dentists, needles, spiders, mice, blood, etc to many others too. Whatever fear you may have, it’s very real, very disruptive, and very uncomfortable for you.  Phobias have usually been developed through  a repeated pattern of learned behaviour, and this often stems from a specific trigger from a bad experience in the past, known as the initial sensitising event (ISE). Examples could include being bitten by a dog as a child, having a turbulent flight on an aircraft, being stuck in a lift, seeing a spider etc. Some may have stemmed from fairly recent times, but some phobic responses may have been triggered all the way back to the formative years of childhood and carried into adulthood. Some even go back to pre-conscious memory when we were small babies. There are a variety of techniques used by hypnotherapists to successfully resolve minor fears and phobias. Most targeted phobias can be dealt with in a relatively short space of time, as they are so specific. In a clinical environment, four or five sessions are usually sufficient working one to one with an experienced hypnotherapist, but using audio hypnosis therapy on it’s own, it is usually recommended that you listen to your recording for 21 consecutive days to begin with, in addition to any top-ups you feel are necessary. The amount of time needed to change your response to a previous phobic trigger patterns does vary according to the severity, and the individual. The golden rule is, ….repetition repetition repetition, and to be patient, until such time that your sub-conscious mind automatically runs the new positive programming given by the suggestions and techniques on each recording. If your phobias are more severe, and you feel you need more personalised help it is recommended to seek additional help one to one with a qualified practitioner in your area.

Fears and Phobias

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Test Taking Mastery

Fear of Death  

Fear of Dogs  

Fear of Flying  

Fear of Heights  

Fear of Injections  

Fear of Spiders  

Fear of the Dark  

Fear of Dentists  

General Fears & Phobias  

Social Anxiety Phobia  


Fear of Abandonment  

Fear of Aging for Women

Fear of Authority  

Fear of Bees and Wasps

Fear of Being Judged

Fear of Bridges  

Fear of Cancer

Fear of Cats

Fear of Change

Fear of Clowns

Fear of Commitment

Fear of Confrontation

Fear of Crowds (1)  

Fear of Death  

Fear of Doctors  

Fear of Dogs (2)

Fear of Driving  

Fear of Elevators  

Fear Of Emotions  

Fear of Failure  

Fear of Falling  

Fear of Flying  

Fear of General Anesthesia  

Fear of Germs  

Fear of Going Crazy  

Fear Of Growing Up  

Fear of Heights  

Fear of Leaving Home  

Fear Of Loud Noises  

Fear of Mice  

Fear of Money  

Fear of Numbers  

Fear of Others Vomiting  

Fear of Photography  

Fear of Poverty  

Fear of Pregnancy  

Fear of Public Transport  

Fear of Rejection  

Fear of Sex  

Fear of Sharks  

Fear of Success  

Fear of Terrorism  

Fear of the Dark  

Fear of The Phone  

Fear of Thunder  

Fear of Touch  

Fear of Travel  

Fear of Violence  

Fear of Vomiting  

Fear of Water  

Fear Of Women  

Fear of spiders

Fear of snakes

Fear of rats

Fear of dogs (1)

Fear of blood

Fear of death

Fear of surgery

Fear of heights

Fear of flying

Fear of needles

Fear of going outdoors

Fear of enclosed spaces

Fear of dentists

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of the dentist


Confident Public Speaking

Dental Phobia

Fear of Birds

Fear of Crowds (2)

Fear of Dogs (3)

Plane Phobia

Fear of Relationships

Fear of what others think

Squash your Spider Phobia

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