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Bipolar disorder (manic depression)

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Some common symptoms of depression

Feelings of sadness happen to all of us at times. Most of the time these feelings are temporary and will pass. However, this passing condition should not be confused with depression. Depression is an illness over a longer period that may come and go with no obvious trigger. There are different levels of depression. These range from mild to severe. When the condition lingers it usually becomes known as clinical depression which affects our daily functioning in our lives. Sometimes it can be hard to recognise signs of depression in ourselves or others. Someone who is depressed may not necessarily seem sad as such from the outside and could appear to be short tempered, angry, or restless. Depression is a real medical illness, and is not a simple question of just ‘snapping out of it’. When we are in a depressed state, the chemical factory in the brain (hypothalamus) goes into virtual shutdown and we don’t produce any neurotransmitter chemicals (Seratonin) that the brain needs. This has a knock on effect to all the body’s system leading to feelings of lethargy, a lack of energy and motivation. Of course, no-one wants to remain in this place, but unless we take some action to break the negative cycle somehow, the symptoms can become persistent with detrimental effects in our lives. Many people do manage to successfully break out of a negative cycle. Being aware of some of the most common contributing factors to depression and making progressive changes to daily routine can really start to break the negative cycle. Adequate periods of quality rest can help enormously or addressing required changes to some aspects of their lifestyle. (Page 1/3)



Self motivation booster

Self pity

Stop being messy

Stop negative thoughts

Stop thinking the worst

The negative critic

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Control my emotions pack

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Getting over a relationship (2)

Getting over a divorce

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