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Confidence levels depend upon our state of mind at a particular time and what we believe to be true in a given situation. Confidence is dynamic, rather than static and  varies depending on many different factors. Sometimes we have lots of it, and sometimes we have very little or none at all. When we have confidence we tend to do what we believe to be right regardless of whether others may agree with us or not. We assume things will go well, and we feel bold enough to try new things, take calculated risks and keep going, even if we make mistakes along the way we still feel okay to ‘have a go’ regardless of outcome. When we are lacking in confidence however, things are very different. We tend to have an underlying fear of being judged by others , we fear making mistakes, we fear failure, putting pre-conceived limits on our abilities therefore tending to play safe, doing things based upon what other people approve of, rather than relying on our own judgement. We are more likely to stay within our comfort zone, and are less likely to take risks for fear of things going wrong, and tend to retreat into our shell more readily. Levels of confidence can be affected by those around us whose opinions affect our self belief (but only when we allow them to). Confidence is definitely contagious. Similarly, so is a lack of confidence too.  However there are simple things we can do to help boost confidence day-to-day. For example, have you noticed how different you feel about yourself when you have just had a good haircut or when dressing smartly for a special occasion like a wedding or an interview? Why is that? It is because you have paid little bit more attention to yourself to look and feel that little bit more special than an average day. So make a point of applying that same principle into every day life, give your self permission to look and feel good, encouraging positive thinking through self-portrayal of this positive image. You may be surprised what a sudden and significant difference this can make. (Page 1/4)



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