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Hypnosis for Children

Children & Stress
It is vital that children are given a healthy environment in which to develop. The learning process is seriously impaired when exposed to prolonged stress. When stress occurs, the intellectual brain function of the pre frontal cortex is blocked considerably. It is no coincidence that with the bombardment of so many tech based stimuli such as electronic play stations and computer games, (especially violence based), many children are suffering from ADHD, stress and anxiety on a scale never seen before. Fortunately, children have such great imaginations, and by using hypnosis recordings, designed with children in mind, can help them tap into their wonderfully creative minds to bring about positive changes to many different areas of life.


Confidence for children

Creepy crawlies

Split up parents

Handling insults

Happy bedtime

Be more focused

Get confident in class

Lost Grandparent

Darkness is fine kids

Child nightmares

Making friends

Excluded from the party

Confidence with books

School separation anxiety

Share your worries

Overcome shyness

Class confidence

Dry bed

Thumb sucking

Dealing with tantrums

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