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All About Anxiety

There are  times when  a bit  of  stress  can  be  very useful  (See  image). Under threatening  &  dangerous  circumstances,  your  brain signals for the body  to quickly  produce  the   necessary neurotransmitter chemicals to effectively respond to danger. Your body is designed  to cope very well with the threat of real danger. This  system  has been in place since primitive times and still provides us with a strong survival mechanism when we sense our safety is at risk. We call this system the ‘fight or flight’ response. There is also a third response called the ‘freeze’ response. When  danger  has   passed  we  can  return  to  normal  service.  We  learn  from the experience and remember it for future reference’. However, if we hang onto beliefs that need no longer apply based on past events we can over-react unnecessarily and re-trigger the survival mechanism’. Your limbs are filled with adrenalin to quickly get you out of trouble. However, in our fast paced busy modern world, we often feel stressed for different reasons: Not because we are being chased by a big angry animal, but more likely because we’re under the pressure of a big angry boss with demanding deadlines at work, running late for appointments or our flight,  or an important interview while stuck in traffic, etc. In these situations we still look for outlets for that excess adrenalin. (Page 1/3)

Anxiety & Stress  

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Panic Attacks

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Panic Attack Relief  

Stop Unwanted Thoughts

IBS Management

Social Anxiety Phobia  

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Fear of Relationships

Stop Feeling Guilty

Teeth Grinding

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Approach Anxiety

Fear of what others think

Stop Nail Biting

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Stress Management

Effective IBS Treatment

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