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Addictions….. A very big and complex topic indeed!  If you were asked to make a list of the top five addictions in life, yours would probably include at least one or two of the most commonly known areas of addiction such as drugs, drink, tobacco, gambling, eating, pornography, etc. But you may be surprised and shocked what some people do become addicted to; Anything from cosmetic surgery, crimes such as shop lifting, self destruction, watching TV, gaming, social networking, cleaning, hoarding, fitness, extreme sports, making money, shoes, shopping. A complete list of addictions would certainly fill many pages… and then some…

Some types of addictions can also manifest in behaviour patterns such as OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). There are different stages of addiction. Some patterns (like OCD for example) can build up slowly over a considerable amount of time and some become habitual very quickly. Some addictions start out as something viewed as a positive trait (like cleaning that eventually develops into an obsession), with no conscious awareness that a counter-productive pattern is beginning to form. Other habits may be seen as a bit of fun to begin with, like smoking a joint which could lead to additional experimentation with harder drugs, perhaps having a line of cocaine or heroine at a party, with no real concept of the possible danger of addiction ahead, but in extreme cases eventually ending up losing family, friends, possessions and dignity, living on the streets  and doing all kinds of previously inconceivable things in order to feed an out of control drug habit. Needless to say, for some it can also lead to a premature death. With highly addictive drugs such as heroin, and cocaine, but more especially with crystal meth, and crack cocaine, this can happen frighteningly fast because of the intense withdrawal symptoms and come-downs after even after just the very first use. Almost everyone will be influenced by the behaviour of the people in their immediate surroundings, both the good bits and the bad bits! Some people develop addictive habits by mimicking the behaviour of their peers to ‘keep in with the crowd’, for fear of feeling left out. (Page 1/2)



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